The Lucas Local Board of Education encourages all stakeholders of the school district to attend its meetings. The meetings are business meetings, as opposed to a public forum. This is the time for the Board to conduct its business.

All visitors who have concerns, and have not asked in advance to be placed on the agenda, may bring their concerns and/or questions to the Board of Education at this point of the meeting. This is the only time during the meeting that the Board will entertain open discussion and/or comments regarding issues or agenda items. Visitors are asked to please limit comments to a maximum of three minutes. Please stand, state your name and what organization you represent. The Board is not required to answer or respond to anyone who addresses the Board at a Board Meeting. An answer or response may be made at another time after the Board has an opportunity to research the matter.

Board Actions
The Board of Education acts upon items on the agenda or addenda it may choose to add.

Board Meetings
The Board of Education regularly meets on the third Tuesday of each month. The location of the Board meeting and any change of the regular meeting date will be announced before adjournment at each meeting. All Board meetings are public and news media representatives are notified of each meeting. The Board of Education 2019 Schedule.

For the most up to date information about Lucas Board of Education meetings use the Lucas online calendar.   Lucas Web Calendar

Lucas Local School District Board of Education 2018-2019

Mr. Timothy Cooper, President
Mr. Roger Maglott, Vice President
Mr. Joshua Schell, Member
Mr. Jon Parman, Member
Mr. Wayne Camp, Member
Telephone number
419-892-2818 or 419-571-1989
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Term - (First Served)
2018-2021 - (Jan. 2002)
2016-2019 - (Jan. 2008)
2016-2019 - (Sept. 2014)
2018-2021 - (Jan. 2014)
2018-2019 - (Oct. 2018)

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