The LPDC Handbook will help will help you understand the process of the LPDC and write your IPDP goals.

The Profile Page is your cover sheet and helps you and the committee stay on top of your professional growth.

The IPDP (change from goal sheet) states your goals for your licensure and needs to be completed and approved before you begin taking classes for renewal.

The Implementation form is needed once you have completed a course or workshop and need the CEUs approved and/or the college credit verified. This form is for renewal purposes.

If you participated in a Webinar as part of IPDP, this form must accompany the implementation form.

Two forms needed by the LPDC for Tuition reimbursement:

Course Verification

Tuition Reimbursement Form

You are responsible for turning in your own paperwork to the treasurer. Please see the most recent contract for deadlines and needed paperwork. 


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